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 Man U v Pool

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Man U v Pool Empty
PostSubject: Man U v Pool   Man U v Pool EmptySun 19 Sep 2010 - 13:47

It is not often I agree with Fergie but when he says this is THE match of the season on his fixture list I tend to agree with him.

Hopefully with the exception of Digger we will be at full strength for this one.

But what does full strength mean to Roy? As we seemed to have gone to Brum and set up for a point it is hard to imagine he is going to set up the
side to go to Old Trafford and attack with gay abandon?

For me this game will be decided in the midfield, if we are as creatively bankrupt as we were at Brum in this department it will be a long afternoon for our defense.

Scholes is in top, top form and I hope Roy is going to do something to combat this threat and make sure he does not have the time on the ball to dictate the tempo.

I also hope Jovanovic is not playing as if he is Koncheski will be overun as you can bet your bottom dollar that Fergie has spotted this weakness and will exploit it to the full.

As always a cracking game awaits and no doubt Vidic is looking forward to locking horns with Nando once again, I have no doubt that Nado will be 200% up for this match as will the rest of the players. Just hope someone has impressed on any of the new guys who might be picked the importance of this match to us. But I think Carra won't have neglected this duty.

Come on you redmen LFC scarf LFC scarf LFC scarf

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Man U v Pool
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