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PostSubject: Worrying   Worrying EmptyMon 18 Oct 2010 - 13:17

Worrying, very, very worrying.

Well Roy all of the distractions regarding ownership and lack of money and pretty much all of the things that deflected attention from the real issue. The performance of the team on the pitch,
have gone. Benitez benefited tremendously form the show that has been going on around Liverpool and used it as an excuse, you can't Roy.

We have changed the Board, The Manager and The Owners, we are talking of changing the Stadium.

What we really need to change is the way we play!

I had hoped that with the positive momentum of our change of owners the final piece of the jigsaw was now in place. I had hoped that Roy would pick a positive team selection to match the postive feelings. Sadly no. We went to Goodison with a far too negative set up. I think Roy is feeling the pressure and I am not at all re-assured by some of the comments he is making.

"We are not in a relegation battle" Roy get real, we have gone from 3rd bottom to 2nd bottom. The table does not lie and the sooner you start admitting we are in a relegation battle and start dealing with it the better. Our target has to be to stop conceding goals. We can't score any so we have to stop leaking them at the present rate. Stop putting square pegs in round holes! this is not the time for experementation. Joe Cole did not join LFC to play left wing. Carra is not a right back, Meireles is a central midfielder not a right winger. Maxi is not good enough,Lucas is not good enough, Koncheski is not good enough, Time and time again this season when you have been forced to change to a 4-4-2 formation we have immediately looked a better side but you continue to force the team to play with wide men tucked inside so we have no real width. We are not Fulham and we will not consider it success if you succeed in making us look like Fulham.

And please, please, please stop right now with "the best we have played comments" when we can all see the truth. Also would you please stop contemplating your naval with comments such as "I am staring at an atom trying to analyse it when maybe really all it is a speck of dust"

All of this is very ,very worrying. We as Fans will back you as long as we can see you are doing your best. So stop with the "Nombrilisms" and start Managing. I just do not accept that given the players at your disposal we cannot put out 11 players capable of attacking our opponents and creating chances whilst at the same time being able to defend our goal.

Manage the players you have to the best of their abilities, play them in their respective best and natural positions. This is not rocket science.

The spotlight is shining solely on you Roy, sorry of life isn't fair and you are the one under the glare. The owners can do nothing to help you until at least January.

So stop acting like a rabbit caught in the headlights and start doing your job!

I made the people happy for a while
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