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 Hicks and Gillet

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Shankly Gates
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PostSubject: Hicks and Gillet   Wed 13 Oct 2010 - 14:01

In football terms H & G have been given "right good spanking" in the High Court.

I just cannot begin to comprehend how these 2 jokers see the world that we all live in as they seem to
live in a completely different one where reality does not seem to exist.

They have won absolutley nothing in the High Court

Not the case against them, not the right to reconstitute the board, no time delay, no concession on interest charged,
no more money.

The judge has even refused them the right to appeal! They still can but it would be pointless!

The beauty of the High Court system in the UK is that the loser pays for everything. His lawyers, The Clubs Lawyers,
RBS's Lawyers plus the courts costs. H & G have to pick up the tab for the lot!

Welcome to the real world Mr Hicks and Mrs Gillett.

I made the people happy for a while
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Hicks and Gillet
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