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 Our New Owners

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PostSubject: Our New Owners   Our New Owners EmptyWed 13 Oct 2010 - 13:17

So as the dust is settling on the court case to get rid of H & G and lets face it the only way we were ever going to get them out was to to do what the board did and that was throw them out. And I would like to offer my congratultaions to Broughton and Co for acheiving it.

Perhaps now we should be turning our attention to our new American owners. The feeling of deja vu is inevitably unavoidable, so what will be the difference between this set of Yanks and the last lot?

Not a lot! would be my initial knee jerk reaction.

When I say that I mean they have said they will clear the clubs debt, I don't believe them. I think they will restructure it that's all. Will this mean the club is better or worse of? Hard to say all depends on what terms they can negotoate and how much of the price they pay for the club will be borrowed ( Hopefully less than H & G) and how much of the cost of this will have to funded by the profits of the club?

Will they build a new stadium?

I don't think they have the money, I think they would prefer to improve the exisiting one. Personally I would prefer that as well, if we could stay in our historic home but perhaps by building in the four corners of Anfield get the capacity up to 60,000 it would have to make sense. Problem is you have a bunch of Bluenoses on the City Council who will do everything possible to prevent this from happening. And you can guarantee the old Groundshare with Everton will be raised again. We can only hope they have the sense to say very firmly no! But these are business people and have bought LFC for one reason and one reason only, to make money.

So what is the real difference between our old Yanks and our New Yanks?

For me the difference is our old Yanks were complete clowns who couldn't agree between themselves let alone anyone outside of the club. They thought they could buy LFC with debt and pass it on for a huge profit without actually doing anything to improve the club. Although this is probably not totally fair. LFC today with the new board is being run much closer to how it should have been run 20 years ago. The main difference for me is our New Yanks have much more business savvy than our old ones and will be able to increase the profitiabailty of the club which will in turn allow the stadium to be developed, further increasing the profitability of the club and the value. We can not compete with the big boys unless we are bringing in the same money as them it is that simple.
So you can expect to see huge rises in tickets prices, huge rises in the clubs goods, every possible way of relieving fans of cash on their visit to the stadium will be brought in.

Liverpool is about to be brought commercially up to date and although fans groups may well be given a voice they had better get used to the idea of coughing up an awful lot more money for the privilege of following their team.

Now once this financial transformation of the clubs affairs has taken place the owners can then make the decison to hang on to a very profitable asset or cash in and take their profit.

The difference is between our New Yanks and our Old Yanks is the new ones know how to acheive all of the above but they are going to be a lot of disgruntled fans who will not like many of the measures. They are going to have to get real, if you want a team that is capable of competing with the best you are going to have to pay for it. Certain groups are not going to like this as they are living in the dark ages mistakenly believing that you can DEMAND success without having to pay for it.

I made the people happy for a while
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Our New Owners
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