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 Pool 1 Blackpool 2

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Pool 1 Blackpool 2 Empty
PostSubject: Pool 1 Blackpool 2   Pool 1 Blackpool 2 EmptyMon 4 Oct 2010 - 12:59

Well done to Ian Holloway and his courageous Blackpool taem that have now taken 9 of their points away from home. They were the better side and played the better and more fluid football.
Thoroughly deserving of the applause they received from the Kop as they left the pitch.

I would also like to praise their Manager Ian Holloway for his after match comments, many a manager could have been forgiven for gloating after seeing his team ( The poorest paid team in the Prem)
outplay Liverpool at Anfield. Did he gloat? Not at all he showed great humility and intelligence in his after match statement. I wish him and his team all the best for the remainder of the season.

The question I want to ask of our team is did we allow them to look good? Did we allow them to play their way?

And the answer is a resounding yes.

We were so poor we made them look good. Now I have already gone on record as stating that Meireles is a far more effetive player inthe middle and Roy continues to waste him in a wide position; Why?
Roy is the manager and as the Manager he is responible for the situation we find ourselves in. He is also responsible for getting us out of it.

I have heard the remarks of many supporters and they are almost unanimously highly critical of Roy and his selections. Is this fair? Some of it is you would have to say. he has decided to change the way we play and change the way the team is set up. He has also experimented to with new systems and rotation of players.

What is it that he is really guilty of though?

For me his biggest sin is acting as a manager of a big club, but without having established a firm base first. He has to learn quickly and efffectively do what all managers have to do be they the manager of a Giant club or a Minnow when the wheels fall off you go back to basics. You start at the back and you stop giving away goals get the defence solid and then you build fom there.

There is no magic wand to wave. You forget about attacking football, you have to stop other teams scoring full stop!

As for the "Fans" calling for him to be replaced after the time he has been in charge this is nothing short of disgraceful. I have the same opinion of the fans who were shouting for Dalglish towards the end of this match. They would have been better employed shouting for their team. No doubt this bunch are probably affiliated to the SOS group of hooligans a minority who claim to represent red fans. Well you don't.

I made the people happy for a while
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Pool 1 Blackpool 2
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