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 Pool 2 Big Fat Head 2

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Pool 2 Big Fat Head 2 Empty
PostSubject: Pool 2 Big Fat Head 2   Pool 2 Big Fat Head 2 EmptySun 26 Sep 2010 - 15:50

Having watched the whole of this match I felt like locking myself in a dark room and screaming!

Frustrated? Entirely understandable.

Then you have to stop and think and wind back to the begining of the season. Those who thought we would
win the league just because we had signed Joe Cole are now beginning to understand the size of the job for Roy
Hodgson. We have to be patient because we do have a good a manager who is trying under very difficult circumstances
to impose his style of play, team shape and get his ideas across to the players.

There is going to be a learning curve to go through and it will take time.

You had to laugh at Sunderland's remonstrations at our first goal. What goes around, comes around and after them having had a good laugh
at the Ref giving the beach ball goal when he shouldn't have. The irony of them demonstrating against a perfectly legal goal been given against them,
albeit in unusual circumstances, seemed to delight the Kop.

But we couldn't push on. And once again it was a fairly lacklustre first 45 from us. We just seem to ready to fall back and draw teams on to us. I thought the handball
against Poulsen was harsh he was to close to the ball to get out the way. And when they went in front it did not look good for us.

The expiremental shape that Roy is trying to get the players used to might be OK but the personelle being used for me is wrong. Meireles may eventually get the hang of
playing wide on the right but to ask to get usede to the Prem and a strange position at the same time is asking a bit much. He looks a far more dangerous player when he moves into the middle.
We as a team also look far more comfortable in a 4-4-2 set up and far more of a threat.

Still Rome wasn't buit in a day. But whilst I understand that Roy is trying to get the team playing the way he wants I can't help feeling that if we could just do what the players are comfortable with
until they put a couple of much needed confidence bosting wins together.

And then try to experiment? As dropping points and being dominated is not doing the players confidence any good at all.

I made the people happy for a while
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Pool 2 Big Fat Head 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pool 2 Big Fat Head 2   Pool 2 Big Fat Head 2 EmptyMon 27 Sep 2010 - 11:47

Did you notice that Torres didn't celebrate the second goal when he crossed for Stevie to head in?

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Pool 2 Big Fat Head 2
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