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 Time to end the doom and gloom

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Time to end the doom and gloom Empty
PostSubject: Time to end the doom and gloom   Time to end the doom and gloom EmptyWed 21 Jul 2010 - 11:50

Roy Hodgson today spoke of his determination to bring the feel-good factor back to Liverpool - and is hoping the signing of Joe Cole proves to be the catalyst for a bright Anfield future.

The Reds' boss admits Cole's arrival on a four-year deal is a major coup for the club as they gear up for the start of a new campaign, but he is well aware that the difficulties of last season will only be erased by hard work and a big effort from everybody to build up the atmosphere within the club.

"You don't change doom and gloom or disenchantment with a signing or two," he told in an exclusive interview in Switzerland.

"Liverpool Football Club has always been famous for the passion of its supporters and the knowledge of its supporters and they know I can't put right the disenchantment with a couple of words or by signing a football player.

"What we can do is hopefully persuade them we are on the right track, that we're trying to get things right again and that we're looking for new investment.

"We know the situation with the owners, the club is for sale and we are trying desperately for the right people to come in and buy the club. In the meantime we are trying our level best to do what we can out here on the training field and on the field of play to get results.

"I can only hope that the people who watch us are aware of the situation, that they have their feet on the ground like we've got our feet on the ground and they give us credit if we deserve any for the efforts we make on the field. I can assure them we will give everything on the field and I will hope to dispel the gloom and the disenchantment in that way.

"It's not going to be an overnight thing. Last season was a very disappointing season for the club in every respect, culminating in a popular manager leaving. You don't dispel that with a couple of signings and I would never want to dupe the Liverpool public by telling them all is rosy now because Joe Cole has signed.

"There's a lot more work to do, a lot more players needed and we as a football team have got to make certain that when we take the field the supporters see there is something different and that we are making the biggest effort we can make. Then we can only hope they back us like they have always backed the club in the past."

Cole's arrival was quickly followed by the news that Steven Gerrard had reaffirmed his commitment to the club, and Hodgson insists hard work is ongoing behind the scenes to further add to the squad.

"We don't have the unlimited funds that teams like Manchester City and even Tottenham to some extent these days, seem to have," he said.

"In this current situation we don't have that. On the other hand some money is being made available and we are doing everything to use that money as sensibly and as intelligently as we can.

"We had quite a good squad of players last season. We've talked about Gerrard, Torres, Reina - these players means there is a certain strength to the team whatever we do. We would like to make some changes. Every manager who comes to a new club would like to make changes, to bring in some fresh players.

"The big thing for me is going to be the atmosphere. We have to get a good atmosphere back into the club. That will come from the training field and from the matches at Anfield.

"We've got to get back the Liverpool atmosphere that I've known and seen and experienced - often to my cost - over the years. We have to get away from the feeling that everything's not right and the club is going downhill because that isn't the case at all."

Hodgson will finally experience his first match as Liverpool manager tonight as the Reds take on Grasshopers in Switzerland.

After Saturday's friendly with Al-Hilal was washed out by the rain, Hodgson is looking forward to watching his young squad test themselves against high-class opposition.

"Realistically, a lot of these players won't take part when we come to the league games because they are players who have come from the reserves and the academy.

"They are working extremely well and I couldn't be happier with what we're doing, but we're about to play two really tough games with a team which, in my opinion, isn't ready to play against that level of opponent.

"It's a great opportunity for them but my real work in preparing Liverpool Football Club to play next season will begin when I get back to Melwood and find the 13 players who went to the World Cup.

"If you're a young player you're waiting for that chance to get into the first team and show what you can do. These lads are being given a chance earlier than expected and unfortunately they are being given a chance all together.

"What you hope for when you get your chance is that all the big-hitters are around you and they make it a bit easier for you. Here we are throwing them all in together."

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Time to end the doom and gloom
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